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tips for fundraising.

How You Can Help Your Pet!

When a beloved four-legged member of your family becomes ill, is involved in an accident, or otherwise needs a very pricey procedure, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to find support. Grants and resources for pets are few and far between, therefore making it hard to get the entire medical bill covered. 

Rising Above Great Dane Funding is here to help however we can. If you meet the requirements, the first thing you should do is apply for funding through us.  However, if you are not eligible, we have a list of other ways to find help.

Below are suggestions to use in these cases: 

  • Tell your vet about your financial restrictions.  Many vets will work with you and some offer payment plans. ​

  • Just like a second opinion is highly recommended for your own medical procedures, we recommend getting a second opinion before having your pet under-go an expensive surgery. Costs can widely vary between each vet. 

  • Apply for more than one assistance program or grant. Although Rising Above will try our best, there are other organizations that provide similar assistance. 

  • Apply for Care Credit or iCare, which are credit cards designed specifically for health expenses, even your pet's health! Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up.​

  • Fundraise - Car washes, selling homemade products etc.; it might not bring in thousands but it is a fun way to get people involved.

  • Speaking of Facebook or Instagram, create your own community page for fundraising and community support.

  • Call or email your local animal shelters and rescues. They may not be able to help directly, but most rescues have fantastic networks and can potentially find you help or direct you in the right direction. If you are unsure of your local shelters, visit

  • Local restaurants love having benefit nights. Some require you to be partnered with a non-profit, but some do not. Reach out to see if you can set up a night in which you get a part of the profits. ​​

  • Reach out to organizations, family and friends for support.