Frequently Asked Questions:

Rising Above - FAQ
  • Do you adopt out of state?

    • Yes. Rising Above will adopt out of state to the right home. This depends on our ability to secure a home check and the adopters willingness to travel. We do not ship our Danes via air or multi-dog transport.

  • What are the adoption fees?

    • Adoption fees vary based on age.  All of our dogs come spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.  Any pre-existing medical conditions are also taken care of before adoption like heart worm treatment, corrective eye surgery, etc.  If you purchase a dog from a breeder, expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000.

    • Adoptions fees are based on age:​

      • Great Danes & Giant Breeds:​

        • Ages 0-4 years: $450

        • Ages 5+ years: $350

  • What are your requirements for a foster home?

    • Our foster homes go through the same application process as our adopters. We look to our foster homes to provide the initial love, care and training to prepare their foster Dane for their forever home. We prefer our foster homes to be in the state of TN or GA as we have rescue friendly veterinarian in both states, but consider surrounding states for the right fit.

  • Does Rising Above provide dog food to foster homes?

    • Most of our foster homes provide dog food for their fosters. This is a tax deductible donation. If you are unable to provide dog food for your foster, Rising Above will have food shipped or provide funds to purchase.

  • What vet services is the foster home responsible for?

    • Rising Above takes care of all vetting and preventatives. We pay the vets directly or refund based on receipts. However, fosters must take their Danes to a rescue approved vet. All vet visits must be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Does Rising Above require dogs to be on a specific brand of dog food?

    • Quality food and nutrition is essential for our Danes.  A list is available upon request.

  • Are Adopters required to have a fenced yard?

    • This will be handled on a case by case basis.  The individual needs of the Dane will be assessed before determining if a fence is required.

    • Invisible fences are not allowed - No exceptions.

  • Are all pets in the home required to be altered before adoption and/or fostering?

    • Yes

  • Are all pets in the home required to be UTD on shots?

    • Yes, however we do consider and accept titers.

  • Do you adopt to homes with small children?

    • Rising Above requires children in the home to be 8+ years to adopt; potential adopters that have extensive Giant Breed experience and children younger than 8 years old will be considered.

  • What are your adoption requirements?

    • Adopters must be at least 25 years old

    • Giant Breed experience is preferred but not required.  An Inexperienced or first time Great Dane owner MUST have researched the breed and be knowledgeable about their unique needs and common medical conditions

    • Adopter must understand that owning a Great Dane is expensive and their care can be more costly than a normal dog; adopter should be prepared for medical emergencies

    • ALL Adopted dogs will be indoor, family pets, no exceptions

    • ALL other pets (dogs and cats) in the home must be spayed and neutered

    • ALL pets (dogs and cats) must be up to date on vaccines (titers will be considered)

    • ALL pets in the home must be on heartworm prevention (dogs and cats) and flea prevention (dogs and cats)

    • No children in the home under 8 years old – exceptions may be made for experienced Great Dane owners or previous Rising Above and Partner Rescue adopters

    • We prefer our dogs not be crated more than 6 hours a day

    • Adopters agree to only use a 54" crate at a minimum if a crate will be used; anything less is too small for a Great Dane

    • Adopters agree to provide a high quality diet / food to the adopted Dane for life

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